Godrej Ezee Influencer Campaign
The warmth of woollens for the less fortunate
5th Dec 2015 – 11th Jan 2016

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent has been a trusted product for taking care of our clothes for years. It has a no-soda formula and it is PH neutral. It contains special fabric conditioners that reach every fibre of the woollens leaving a conditioning layer over it; thus keeping the woollens soft and fluffy, even after many washes. Godrej Ezee was the only detergent in India to be approved by the Woolmark Company. It goes deep into the fibres of your clothes and removes tough stains and helps in maintaining the durability of clothes.


Godrej wanted Grapes to execute a campaign that would bring together the entire nation, binding it to a common cause. Raising empathy for underprivileged children who often have nothing warm during the freezing winters should definitely bother us as a society, and we decided to champion that cause. Here, the challenge was to raise awareness among people and support Ezee as it embarked upon the noble cause of donating winter wear to the poor.

Ezee Wanted
Our Strategy
Raising awareness

Viral video

Positive wave

Content seeding & Twitter Challenges


We took up the responsibility of creating an influencer campaign that would touch the heart of every Twitter user in the country. Through a sustained four-phase campaign using such hashtags like #Ezeehugs, #tosweaterwithlove, #sweaterselfie and #ezeechallenge, we were able to get the empowered section of society to support Ezee as it began the drive to shield those mired in poverty from the chill of winters. To promote the plight faced by the less fortunate, we created a Youtube video in which people had to take off their sweaters and face the biting cold of a December morning.

Carefully handpicked influencers seeded content, shared their opinions and promoted the cause among their followers. They shared selfies highlighting what it felt like to shiver in the cold and not having anything warm to wear.


We received a massive response from Twitter through the campaign. Tweets flew thick and fast and thanks to the initial influencer push, the campaign caught steam and went organic. India's Twittersphere was abuzz with the excitement to support the cause. Hundreds of people shared selfies of themselves without sweaters, offering heartfelt support for the initiative – as a result of which all chosen hashtags trended on Twitter.

Campaign Overview

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