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4 challenges that brands are facing in 2021 and ways to resolve them

4 challenges that brands are facing in 2021 and ways to resolve them

2020 was a roller coaster ride for brands and businesses around the globe. From e-commerce brands to digital advertising channels, to local vendors, everyone was wondering how to cope-up with this terrible situation of COVID -19 and get back on track. However, businesses tried harder, and thanks to the digital revolution that helped them in presenting themselves strongly on online platforms.

Thereby, 2021 came as a tech-savvy year for everyone; it brought more digital involvement, more customers and huge profit. But, the challenges are not over yet! Along with opportunities, there are some uncertainties that marketers have to deal with.

While upgraded solutions and numerous platforms are allowing us to create more effective ads, marketing strategies, promotion tactics, and brand image than ever before, below are some challenges that brands are still facing and trying to resolve this year.

How did brands respond to the recession?

The impact of everything that happened in the market in 2020 will echo into the upcoming years for sure. It affected many things. As per the data by World Advertising Research Center (WARC), advertising spend was tremendously decreased. Instead of talking about the brand’s growth, brand marketers were discussing the brand’s survival. The supply chain was stuck, and manufacturing was on hold.

But by the end of 2020 and since the beginning of 2021, companies reshaped their marketing strategies to survive in the new e-commerce trend. They revamped the media budget and shifted towards investing in performance marketing that is accelerating digital growth. At the same time, brands are looking forward to new creative solutions for accomplishing distinctiveness in the post-pandemic marketplace.

How brands are attracting and engaging at-home consumers?

Lots of market restrictions were imposed on consumers in 2020 that are still implemented in many countries. The at-home lifestyle changed the whole market and brought new opportunities. In 2020, brands started looking forward to attracting at-home customers. And they became successful in transforming the marketing outlook by 2021. Businesses focused on the following pointers and flourished their brands even during the hard times.

These steps proved fruitful for not only big brands, but new players in the market also established a strong brand image within less time.

How are brands staying effective in the age of e-commerce?

The e-commerce sector has experienced enormous growth during COVID-19. In 2021, responding to this trend has become the prime priority of brands. They are implementing new plans for distribution. Some are focusing on direct-to-consumer options, exploring ways to provide a hassle-free experience to customers so that they can repeat the purchase.

Brands are uplifting digital availability, improving brand strategies and investing more in media. Delivering and packaging have now become the major touchpoints for brands.

How are brands structured for volatility?

Not only in 2020, but businesses are also feeling disruption even in 2021. It has become difficult for them to thrive with the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic and severe economic recession. But marketers who lead the response to the volatility of the market took it as an opportunity and helped their business to transform.

Amidst constant tension and with the thought that what worked tomorrow is not going to work anymore, brands speeded up their progress. They are working on shaping the future by accelerating their actions.


Even in challenging times, brands are coming with innovative ideas and strategies. Digital platforms and integrated marketing have shown them the way forward. Throughout the ups and downs, the best advertising agencies are helping the brands to cut the mustard.

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