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The Tastiest intervention - meet the nearest Biryani

Background – India absolutely loves Biryani!
That’s why…

  • Briyani is cited as The Great Indian Unifier
  • Over 35000, varieties of biryani are prepared across the country
  • 95 biryanis are ordered every minute in India
  • The word ‘biryani’ has 4mn searches every month
  • Chicken Biryani is the most searched Indian food globally, with 4.56 Lacs monthly searches
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    The Nearest Biryani
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The Insight

Even in lockdown, Indians sought the comfort in a hot plate of biryani. It has been the most ordered dish for four consecutive years. As a result, the top searched phrase for biryani was ‘Biryani Near Me’. This key phrase was searched for 2.1 lacs times each month.


Communicating that the ‘nearest biryani’ is in your kitchen, to induce home cooking and intend trials. So that next time one craves biryani, instead of ordering it from outside, he can cook it right at home with the biryani specialist aka Daawat Biryani Rice.

The Approach

  • Daawat intervened in all the keywords related to biryani and redirected the audience to our easy and tasty biryani recipe videos.
  • As a result anyone searching for ‘biryani near me’ on Google was shown ads on the nearest authentic biryani a.k.a. a Daawat Biryani pack on their kitchen shelf.
  • On YouTube, we renamed our existing pool of recipe videos featuring Sanjeev Kapoor to tap into relevant & trending search items and attract more eyeballs.

Going Regional

We rebuilt our biryani recipe videos in relevant languages to tap into target states like Maharashtra, Gujarat , U.P. ETC,

The Result

  • 1.9Mn Incremental views on YouTube in 3 months (around 14%)
  • 2.5Mn Incremental views in another 4 months (around 17%)

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