Dalda Vanaspati

Defusing hate with the truth

We embarked on a journey to defuse negative sentiments surrounding Dalda Vanaspati with respect to high trans-fats quotients and other myths and build brand love by positioning the product as a hygienic oil with the #JaanchParakhLo campaign.

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    Dalda Vanaspati
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The Challenge

Dalda Vanaspati had faced a lot of backlash based on myths over years questioning the naturalness and the high trans-fats quotient found in the product besides other rumours.

The Reverb Approach

To challenge the challengers and put their questions to ‘test’ with #JaanchParakhLo.

We launched a series of content teasing and debunking myths on social media. Furthermore, we empanelled videos featuring chef Sanjeev Kapoor - much-loved and trusted by the Indian audience, to recreate popular household recipes with Dalda Vanaspati as its prime ingredient. We also asked the viewers to testify to the challenge of making their own recipes with Dalda leveraging the taste, legacy and the truth behind the brand. In the end, it garnered 99% positive sentiments and a new outlook towards the brand.


  • 20 Mn Reach
  • 80 Mn Impressions
  • 24 Mn Video Views
  • 4 weeks Duration
  • 2641 Total Mentions

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