From smiling Selfies to real Sparkling Smiles

Grapes & Happydent used smiles to light up lives of underprivileged children with education

Happydent has always stood for smiles and wanted to take these smiles to the fringes of our society. This led to the birth of our campaign, Happydent Smile Please. This campaign was created with the single minded proposition of activating our brand loyalists and helping drive a social impact. This was achieved by turning a consumer’s engagement with the brand into real monetary currency that would help drive the positive change.

Our Belief

Every Child In School.
32 million children in our country have never seen the inside of a school
50% class 5 students cannot read basic text or solve basic arithmetic problems

It was an alarming situation and Happydent, which has stood for spreading smiles over decades, decided to make these smiles wider.


Selfies and group photos have created a culture of people showcasing forced smiles in photographs to look cool. But for a brand that stood for genuine smiles, we decided to go on a hunt for real, candid, sparkling smiles.

We decided to donate Rs. 10 for every candid smile shared


  • Step 1 – Choose the right influencer to drive reach
  • Step 2 – Drive engagement through social audience
  • Step 3 – On ground engagement with photo walks


  • Rs.6L Donated
  • 60K Entries
  • 18MN Impressions

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