Disruption In The Candy Category By Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly

Juzt Jelly decided to sell itself not as a candy, but as a cooking ingredient

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly is one of India’s leading soft candy brands launched in 2013 available in different Flavours and Shapes. These jelly candies are made to add masti to not just the daily lives of kids but of each family member! These are best enjoyed straight out of the wrapper and also mixed in your favourite delicacies, after all, they are more than Juzt Jellies!

The Challenge

De-growth in 2018 and the need to sustain in competitive brand category Find out ways to get our consumers buy a whole bagful of jellies instead of 1 or 2 mono packs Drive engagement scores, brand affinity and brand love metrics


  • Create new consumers
  • Create new usage occasions


  • Step 1: Tempting the entire family by launching 2 films
  • Step 2: Picking the right influencers
  • Step 3: Re-imagining desserts
  • Step 4: Earning the cultural license
  • Step 5: Extending Product Onground
  • Step 6: Collaboration Gobble Foods and Baskin Robbins


  • 30% Growth of Brand association with family fun positioning
  • 15% Increase in sales of strawberry mono packs
  • 12% Increase in overall sales of Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly
  • 5% Increase in the market share
  • 12MN Organic Subscription

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