Happydent - Your post meal companion

How Happydent sugar free gum with Xylitol ensured a lasting sparkling smile

Happydent offered a variety of functional gums with different formulations for a whiter smile and oral hygiene on the go. Its sugar-free gum variant helped neutralise plaque acids. The brand intended to position the sugar-free gums as a lifestyle product and make it a daily essential.

The Challenge

Despite being one of the first few to launch sugar-free gums, Happydent’s sales graphs were low due to a competitive market

Consumer Behaviour

Indians started getting a little conscious about their sugar intake and began favouring sugar-free products


4P’s of Marketing

  • Product – Introduced India’s first liquid filled gum with Xylitol to maintain PH balance. Added crunch, coolness and refreshed packaging
  • Price – Upgraded the price point
  • Place – Made Modern Trade our focus channel
  • Positioning – Happydent sugar-free gums were repositioned as post meal companions through Digital Films, Sampling, Sales via Promotions and Collaborations


  • 24Mn Impressions
  • 12.5Mn Reach
  • 11Mn Views
  • 500K Engagement
  • 37% Increased Market Share
  • 1Year Increased E-commerce Sales

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