Hudson Canola Oil

When your bold move backfires

Bunge India, an affiliate of Bunge Limited, has a wide range of edible oils and fats to serve the needs of food manufacturers, food service companies and consumers across India. Hudson Canola Oil is the world’s leading new heart-care oil which makes every bite healthy and adds nutrition to every meal. Neutral in flavour and aroma with a very high smoking point it’s the ideal oil for Indian cooking.

The Challenge

It didn’t matter how hard Indians tried, they never wanted to agree to being guilty of practicing unhealthy food habits.


Indians love frying and the Indian way of cooking involves a fair share of fried food on a daily basis whether it's sauteed, stir-fried, pan-fried, shallow or deep-fried. Post research the brand narrowed down to a positioning statement “Makes You Want To Fry”


We tweaked the positioning and rebranded Canola oil to ‘Doctor-recommended cooking oil’


80% Indians are willing to pay more for healthy food.

Recipes are the most searched for category of videos on Youtube in India

What did we do?

We shot 10 videos with Chef Amrita Rai Chand and targeted the same based on the popular video searches - Healthy recipes, Low Calorie Recipes, Paneer recipes, Chicken recipes, Holi recipes, Diwali recipes.

Just before the launch of the campaign, we hosted a cooking session with Dealers| Journos | Bloggers to familiarize them with the product, so as to tap in on their word-of-mouth for the brand.


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