Joy - Just Hire one skin of courage

An employment drive to support the livelihoods of acid attack survivors

Joy has a wide range of innovative, high quality & affordable personal care solutions made with the best ingredients from nature. True to it’s ingredients, the brand believes that every woman is naturally beautiful, not just on the outside but also from within. Her quirks and eccentricities in personality, and in her looks make her who she is.

What’s Your Skin Type?

Problem – In the age of machine learning, we have so many new brands coming up with one-to-one personalization. So how do we cater to the needs of those with a specific skin type – that of acid attack survivors?

Solution – After months of research and testing in their factories and labs Joy came up with a special formulation for the skin type referred to as the #SkinofCourage. Joy didn’t just limit themselves to a campaign, but released an all-new range of Joy skincare products for sensitive skin. With this special range of products. Joy, with support from Grapes, also created an employment drive where several brands were urged to #JustHireOne.


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