Manforce Condoms

A brand that owns the positioning of safe sex in every possible way!

Manforce is the largest selling condom brand in the country. A constant endeavour to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce have always thrived on. Though their exciting range of condoms promise to take lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy, they appeal to all enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex, always.

The Big Question

How to talk about sex without talking about it in a country like India ?

  • Challenges
    Talking about sex
    Controversies around sex
    Stringent social media guidelines

The Big Weapon

Moment Marketing

  • IDEA
    Integrate sex subtly
    Talk to the audience without actually talking about ‘it’: SEXUAL INNUENDO


The Winning Equation – Humour + Moment Marketing = Winning The Internet!


  • Rs.55L worth of free PR
  • 23 Mn Impressions
  • 17 Mn Reach
  • 3 Mn Engagement

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