Maruti Suzuki - India’s first Branded Google Assistant

We partnered with Maruti Suzuki to create a fun, explementary campaign collaboration with Google assistant which established Maruti Suzuki as an innovative, technology company, making a huge news splash across media.

  • Campaign

    Voice Search + Google Assistant = Ad World Disruption


To create engagement and project Maruti Suzuki as a futuristic and technology savvy brand.


Voice search and artificial intelligence are the digital trends of the future. As per Google, 23% of all search queries were already voice based. Auto enthusiasts weren’t satisfied with the information given by the journalist and had no patience to wait for their detailed report before finding out everything about a car for themselves.

Idea: Grapes Digital, with Google Zoo team created an AI-enabled voice assistant who answered all queries asked by an user about Auto Expo cars and others

How: We came up with 500+intents categorized into Auto Expo, brands, cars, technology, competition and easter egg questions. These were coded on the Google Assistant Enterprise Platform.


  • 1L+ Conversations | 40 PR Stories

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