Lord Ganesha goes green

Over time, Medimix has grown synonymous with ‘skin care, the natural way’ and for generations not just women but entire families have placed their trust on the Medimix range of products. Currently available in 4 variants of soap, 3 variants of body wash, 5 variants in the facial cleansing range and a few other products, Medimix is expanding its range and bringing natural skin care to more people across the world.

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The Challenge

To take a stand on a sensitive topic skewed towards a large religious majority. There would be strong opinions on both sides. But protecting the environment takes precedence.


We needed a solution that took care of the environment without compromising on traditions. While the size of the Ganesha idol is never a question, it is the devotion that matters. So we carved idols onto Medimix Soaps. After completing all the rituals, the devotees could do home immersion & the soapy water could be used as hand wash. ThusLord Ganesha continued to protect his devotees, even after immersion.


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