NEXA - #SCrossLeague
Celebrating soccer with Footy Nights
15 April 2016 – 20 April 2016

NEXA is the premium channel that sells luxury models from Suzuki. At NEXA, two models have already been launched; S-Cross, which is the first premium crossover of India, and Baleno, a premium hatchback. Since it was established, NEXA has been very popular among the luxury-car loving segment of the society.


To promote its association with the Barclays Premier League in India, Maruti Nexa wanted to use the occasion to promote India’s first crossover – the S-Cross. The idea was to capture the excitement created by BPL and give fans and followers of Nexa an opportunity to experience the S-Cross while watching BPL.

Nexa Needed
Our Strategy
Event awareness

Twitter contest

Positive wave

Influencer blogs


To promote the association of Nexa with BPL, we organized a Twitter-based campaign in the form of a contest in which we asked a variety of questions related to football. This greatly built up the hype around the event, as the winners, in addition to receiving goodies and prizes, were invited to popular pubs in the city for match screenings. We had participation from prominent lifestyle bloggers who answered the questions, attended the event and wrote engaging blogs on how the event unfolded. The influencers also live-tweeted the screening vibe, which further amplified the campaign.


We received an overwhelming response to the campaign. The contest helped the campaign get thousands of hits. As a result of the campaign, Maruti Nexa was also able to increase its followers on Twitter.

Campaign Overview

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