Relaxo - T20 ke Sparx

T20 ke Sparx” tapped into the pulse of cricket enthusiasts with its peppy cheerleader rap music

Sparx is a brand for those who don’t stop and are always ready to take on any odds or challenges that come their way. Endorsed by Akshay Kumar, it addresses the perspective of young thinkers, future creators and tough sports enthusiasts. Finding the Sparx in everyone, it urges people to keep it alive within them throughout their lives.


A rap song that focused on cricket as well as the brand ethos - #T20KeSparx. Followed by a digital-first engagement campaign focusing on everyday cricket updates and contests.


To capitalise on the cricket fervour to drive engagement for the brand.

Hype up the brand’s impression in the minds of the young generation inclined towards an active lifestyle.


  • Attract the audience with a Rap Video
  • Engage with contests on Microsite
  • Ensure audience participation with a dance move challenge


  • 6.3Mn Rap video views on Youtube
  • 4.0Mn Facebook and Instagram Views
  • 17442 (Avg. 727 per day) Microsite Entries
  • 11.0Mn+ Influencer video views

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