Blackberrys - #Unwrinkle & #Unwrinkler
Unwrinkle your life with Performance 100
21st March 2016 - 1st April 2016

Blackberrys is one of India’s leading menswear brands. The brand’s core focus has always been to create something new and provide the Indian male with the best wardrobe solutions. Starting with suits and jackets for formal occasions, to the introduction of khakis, to their wide range of shirts collection and later coupled with shoes and accessories, Blackberrys is a one- stop shop for men’s wardrobe needs.


When the leading menswear brand, Blackberrys, launched its revolutionary range of wrinkle-free shirts christened the Performance100 collection, it required a truly revolutionary concept to promote the collection.

Blackberrys Wanted
Our Strategy
Raising awareness

Viral video

Positive wave

Contest & spoof videos


The #Unwrinkle campaign kicked off with a chuckle-worthy interactive digital film portraying a new age man ‘Rishu’ who wants to live large but is held back by his inhibitions. The situation however, takes a 180-degree turn when his girlfriend secretly gifts him a Blackberrys Performance100 shirt. The moment he puts on the shirt, his personal and professional life straightens out! He becomes a fun, passionate individual who is loved by everyone.

To promote the video aggressively across all social and digital platforms, we engaged in influencer-based activities like contests based on the video published on Facebook and Twitter, thereby generating interest and garnering views for the video.

#Unwrinkle Video

The video received over 4 lakh views on Facebook within 12 hours of going live, along with thousands of likes, shares and comments. On Youtube, till date it has received over 3 lakh views. On Twitter, thanks to the influencer campaign, the hashtag #Unwrinkle trended in the top three spots for over 8 hours.

Campaign Overview

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