Acnestar - Thank You Haters

The Internet Has A Hidden Algorithm - Less Love, More Hate! Someone Had To Fix This, So We Did - & Trolled The Trolls, Musically.

Most of the skincare brands in the market make high promises of making the skin fairer, brighter and spotless but in the end, fail to deliver on their claims. Acnestar has emerged as a brand that talks about real effectiveness with its natural and scientifically proven ingredients, imparting health to the skin when used regularly. So that you feel beautiful in your own skin.


People on the internet often hide behind a screen and offer unfiltered opinions and negative criticism. It’s important to teach them a lesson


We combated hate with music! A bunch of influencers shared their stories which inspired our audience to come forward and share their instances of struggle. Even when we received hate again towards our offbeat campaign, we stuck to our message and we responded with love in the form of positive sticker reactions!


  • Engage – Instagram polls and social posts
  • Launch – On all social platforms
  • Excite – Reaction stickers, ORM & reel challenges


  • 65Mn Impressions
  • 16.5Mn Video Views
  • 470K Clicks

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