Fake news is a rising concern. Using Deep Fake technology, we got a special message made by world leaders in this video.

Fake News has grown over 3 fold in the last few years

2 out of 3 Indians* and over 80 % of global citizens worldwide have been exposed to fake news, leading to a general lack of trust in news outlets.

WION like every other major news outlet was facing the problem of fake news eating into their credibility. The influx of a humongous amount of fake news videos and posts circulating around, especially on social media, has created an environment of distrust and anger which sometimes has resulted in violence in the real world.

It is important for any democracy to have one of their most important pillars i.e journalism, to be trusted and sought after for information by its citizens.

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The Challenge

According to Psychologists, challenging the authenticity of information after consumption still leaves a trail. But if you educate the consumer to challenge the same right at the time of consumption, you won't keep it in your mind anywhere.


On World Social Media Day, we created a DEEPFAKE Video on behalf of WION as a counter to FAKE NEWS videos circulating around social media. We used footage of global leaders from WION archives to spread the message that not everything you see on social media should be believed on face value. The use of a simple smartphone to create this piece also highlighted the ease with which these fake videos can be created and circulated.


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