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We made browsing smart and sustainable, with Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra offers innovative and customer-centric digital experiences, enabling enterprises, associates and the society to Rise. They are a USD 5.1 billion organization with 126,200+ professionals across 90 countries, helping 1058 global customers including Fortune 500 companies.

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    Tech Mahindra
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    The Eco Engine - Save energy when you are not looking at the website.
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The Challenge

We all can save electricity with smart consumer durables, but how about while accessing the internet?


A website is the first impression our customers have of us. We aim to ensure that we clearly communicate our brand positioning and the services that we offer to them


  • This is how we launched it
  • For every 250 tweets of employees we revealed 25% of the website

Dual Mode

  • It was one of the world’s first website to run on ‘Dark mode’ by default

Brightness Control

  • Adjust the brightness as suited

Hibernate Mode

  • Save energy when you are not looking at your screen

Green Servers

  • Data centres used by hosting companies can use up a lot of energy impacting the environment. Many data centres waste a vast amount of energy running at maximum capacity around the clock while using less than 10% of the energy they pull off the grid. So we sought green web hosting using environment-friendly options.


  • 8 watts Saved in 24 hours of combined viewing
  • 232% Increase in sessions
  • 140% Increase in time spent
  • 9% Drop-in bounce rate

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