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Top 4 UX design trends for 2021

Top 4 UX design trends for 2021

Every year a new and fresh set of design trends, emerges from the last year’s work and hustle, with the promise to revolutionize and enhance the user experience. Some trends inspire and then some make your eyes ache.

The new trends get old and sometimes old is new again, all of this keeps on changing as per the ever-evolving taste of the consumers. Navigating through these changes is one of the most challenging yet exciting aspects of a UX designer's life. The evolution of user’s tastes and emerging challenges and ideas is what keeps the skills of the designers sharp.

In this article, we will look at the new UX trends that designers and innovators need to look out for in 2021.

1. Voice commands to become (even more) widespread

Virtual assistants and voice interfaces represent one of the best-emerging technologies for years. They without a doubt influence how we interact and search for information, carry out daily tasks and so forth. Some of the biggest companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon implemented Voice User Interface (VUI) to offer consumers the best experience and that is why there has been a surge in the personal assistant apps.

Although voice-activated interfaces are not a common sight in websites and apps, rest assured the trend is nowhere getting left behind. In 2021, we can see more and more websites trying to adapt to a voice-activated search along with the traditional search option.

2. Mobile-first design will play a vital role in designing

Due to the pandemic, most of us use mobile as our primary devices to consume information. This is because mobiles are easily accessible, personal and are almost an extension of oneself. Hence, it is no longer enough for a website or an application to function on the computer only: they also need to be responsive, rich in features, and functional on mobile or tablets.

Nowadays the design ideas for websites and applications are created based on mobile interfaces. Previously, websites and applications were designed keeping in mind the computer’s functionalities. The significance of responsive design is well documented now and is no longer an option, but a priority.

3. UX writing and microcopy will enhance

Companies have changed their communication styles when talking about content mentioned in apps and websites. They try to make it less formal and keep it close to a casual dialogue which makes the users more comfortable.

When talking about microcopy, it has become a new profession of UX designers. There are some companies that are not afraid at all to add a pinch of humour into the conversation. Through microcopy, it will make the job of the user easier as it helps navigate flawlessly and comprehend functionality. Not just that but it will also give rise to brand engagements through the tone of the voice. In 2021, UX writers will focus more on precise informative microcopy and how to balance brand personality with perfection.

4. AI to push web accessibility to the next best level

To stay ahead of the curve digital agencies need to start incorporating accessibility into their/brands websites. Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies are being introduced into interfaces that are going to make them more accessible to the user, especially the disabled.

Language translation, information summarizer, facial recognition, automatic captioning are just some of the wonders of AI that are reducing the gap between humans and machine interfaces. In 2021, we are expecting to see a myriad of more such inventions that will increase the production and performance of all the assistive technologies.


Prognosticating the future of UX design can be tricky. Some trends come out of nowhere and light up the sky but then soon start fading away. Others start slow, glowing bright every single day until they have completely taken over our design decision.

At Grapes Digital, we truly believe that the end goal of any product/service is to make the client/users achieve their objective by making the product less complex and way more seamless. We keep ourselves updated on the trends and apply those that are best suited to the user’s and business’s needs and requirements.

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