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How to use colours to enhance design?

How to use colours to enhance design?

Colour plays a key role in life. It not only shapes the way we look at things but also evokes feelings inside of us. For example, blue is regarded as a warm colour that makes us feel optimistic. In the same way, colour influences the design of any product or brand. Some statistics reveal that colours can impact up to 90% of initial impressions. This is why it grabs user attention at the first look. Developing designs for brands’ websites, social media channels and offline advertising seems difficult, but with expertise and creativity coming up with out of the box ideas are possible. To help out brands in standing out from the crowd, top social media agencies have come up with some amazing tips.

1.Colour preference varies from gender

It may come as a surprise, but the way both the genders look at colours, they feel different emotions. In a recent study, it was found that men and women both rated blue as their favourite colour. While orange was rated as their most disliked colour. Further, when we look into it, males prefer bold colours, while females are inclined towards soft colours. Depending upon the target audience, the design should be made accordingly.

2.People associate colours with brands

Human minds tend to look at easily recognizable brands. An important part of any design is to make it unique by making it discoverable. Instead of focusing on the colour, the focus should be on the customer's reaction. Looking at the food and beverage industries, like Mcdonald's and Starbucks, how they have made their logo designs stand out by associating them with a particular colour.

3.Application of colour depends upon the product

Data reveals that people’s buying behaviour is influenced by colour. While designing, using the appropriate shade is important because it affects the way people view the design. If we look at G-shock wristwatches, we will notice that they are designed in dark bold colours. This is in association with the personality of the product, strong and durable. Thus, the design of the watch gives customers the same feeling.

Designers must understand the correlation between colour and brand. This is because 85% of shoppers consider colour as a primary reason for buying a particular product. The power of colour to influence the perception of customers is pretty high. It should be used appropriately in a manner that grabs the attention of viewers.

Here are a few steps that designers should keep in mind while selecting colours while developing the design.-

Step 1- Use colour harmony, create a colour scheme that associates with the brand or product. Try out a few colours to see which works the best and is suitable to the design before applying them.

Step 2- Use the 60-30-10 golden rule, while applying colours. Ensure that 60% of the dominant colour, 30% secondary colour, and 10% accent colour are applied to the design. Prefer using neutral colours for the dominant and secondary colours.

Step 3- Always use your brand colours, from your brand logo. Statistics reveal that users reported an 80% increase in brand recognition when using the same colour scheme which is directly linked to consumer confidence.

These are some effective steps that designers associated with top digital marketing agencies follow. Designers can use colours accordingly to make an impact on their brand. A Colour scheme is an important element when used correctly and can change the perception of customers.


Brands and designers have to be very careful while using colours, because of the power it holds over the customers. Top social media agencies in India ensure to use creatives and unique ideas to elevate designs to make them look attractive.

At Grapes Digital, we understand the psychology behind using colours in brand designs. We recognize a brand’s target audience and then work alongside them to create perfect designs matching the needs of the clients.

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